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Interview with Straka

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

We caught up with Straka, the creator of Cartoon Called Life, to talk about his new book "The Rainbow Year", which will be released on December 10. The book is now available for pre-order in six special packs. "The Rainbow Year" is Cartoon Called Life's fourth book, after "Cartoon Called Life" (2017), "Bunny's New Adventures" (2019), and "Bunny's Cookbook" (2021).

You can find the link to the press releases of the three previous books under this article.

Hi Juri! First of all, congratulation on the new book, "The Rainbow Year". How do you feel ?

Thank you very much. It may already be the fourth book, but it's always like a marathon: months of work and a long moment of doubt and stress until the book comes out. And even then, there's more to come. You wonder how people will react, if they will read it like you do, smile when you smile, laugh when you laugh. So I'm a little stressed, but hopeful (smile).

"it may already be the fourth book, but it's always like a marathon"

I really like the three first books. Tell us a bit more about this fourth book.

"The Rainbow Year” is indeed already Cartoon Called Life's fourth book. Like the 3 previous ones, it's a beautiful hardcover, full color book. "The Rainbow Year" invites the reader to join Bunny on an unforgettable rollercoaster of emotions as he will navigate through one year in Bunny's furry, fabulous life, full of sarcasm, pizza, and bearded guys. The book is a colorful retrospective of 10 years of Cartoon Called Life. It offers a glimpse into the comical quirks, relatable mishaps, and heartwarming celebrations of gay life that define each month, from painful spring dieting, through summer pride celebrations to the cozy chaos of the holiday season. I really hope everyone will love this book. It's a "100% Bunny" book, a concentration of joy and laughs, and a great way to celebrate 10 years of Cartoon Called Life.

"join Bunny on an unforgettable rollercoaster of emotions"

It seems a great gift to put under the Christmas tree. You've started a presale on Sunday night. How is the public responding? How long does the presale last?

Oh yes, thank you for asking. The sales are amazing. I'm so happy to see that long-time followers and new ones alike are excited about this new book and ordering their presale packs. For early birds, it's an easy way to grab a bargain. And to answer your last question, pre-sales will last as long as the packs are available, but no later than November 30.

"pre-sales will last as long as the packs are available"

How does the presale work ?

The book is available for pre-sale in various types of packs. There are 6 different packs available. We don't expect all packs to sell out, but with the limited number of copies of the book available, and with some limited edition items, everything is possible. Anyway, the first reason to pre-order the book now remains the good bargain and being among the first to get a copy.

When will the packs be delivered ?

The packs will be shipped early December, and will be delivered at the latest before Christmas.

When will the book be available for sale, after the presale?

The book will officially go on sale on December 10. Most presale packs should be delivered by then. We think we've printed enough copies of the book for the next few months, but you never know in advance how successful a pre-sale will be (smile).

"the book will officially go on sale on December 10"

For the ones who don't know Bunny yet, how would you best describe him?

Bunny is a funny, sarcastic yet ultimately very "human" character, with whom everyone can easily relate to. He is a gay, single rabbit, obsessed with pizza and athletic, bearded men, and who often says things we are all thinking, but no one dares to say out loud. But above all, I would tell them that he is a cute little Bunny looking for the love of his life.

"Bunny is a funny, sarcastic yet ultimately very "human" character, with whom everyone can easily relate to"

Why did you choose to self-publish all the books ?

Publishing a book was one of the greatest dreams of my life. Naturally, for the first book, this was the first question we asked ourselves: should we self-publish it, or take the "classic" route and submit it to dozens of publishers? Since we had a very concrete and precise vision of the first book, in terms of content and design, and we knew it would be difficult to find a publisher, we decided to self-publish it in order to keep full control on all aspects and act quicker. Although this meant a lot more work for us (and stress, and sleepless nights), it was a wonderful experience (smile). After this first experience, to retain our artistic freedom, we've decided to continue self-publishing all our other books. But to be honest, we'd be happy to find a well-connected distributor (laughs).

"we'd be happy to find a well-connected distributor"

Thank your for your time, Juri. And best of luck with the new book !

Thank you.

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