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Cartoon Called Life releases its first book

CARTOON CALLED LIFE is proud and happy to announce the release of its first book. After 4 years of increasing presence on social media and growing success online, it’s the first time the comic goes offline. This book, financed thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign and printed and bound in Belgium, offers all facets of the unique universe of CARTOON CALLED LIFE in a squared hardcover book.

CARTOON CALLED LIFE is an online comic about a single gay bunny, obsessed with athletic bearded guys, and looking for his perfect boyfriend. It depicts in a cheerful way moments, thoughts and feelings that enlivens our daily lives. Bunny is a funny and endearing, sarcastic and ironic, a little goofy, yet ultimately very “human” character that everybody can easily relate to.

After 4 years of increasing presence on social media and growing success online, it’s the first time the comic goes “offline”. The outcome is a 252-page, 17 x 17 cm (6,7*6,7 inches), hardcover book in a golden dust jacket, bringing together more than 200 illustrations created over the past four years, along with a series of new, unpublished artworks. The book was printed and bound in Belgium and holds the 100% climate-friendly label.

This book was also made possible thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in July 2017. There are worldwide, from 23 countries and all continents, 161 incredible backers who supported CARTOON CALLED LIFE and made this book become real!

Juraj Straka, its creator and illustrator, launched this adventure in 2013, when he started to draw the Bunny based on the nickname “my little bunny” that was given to him by his first boyfriend, to whom the book is dedicated. Bunny and his sexy friends made their first steps on Instagram ( 4 years ago, where they ever since bring frequently smiles to more than 14.000 followers (an increase of more than 60% since January 2017). A page on Facebook was launched in May 2017 and already counts over 3.500 followers.

With Christmas approaching, CARTOON CALLED LIFE is the ultimate gift to offer to a friend, or just as a great gift for yourself, with a 100% smile guarantee.

The book was presented to the public and released during a “book launch party” yesterday, on Sunday 15th of October, in collaboration with Les Après-Midis Croque-Monsieur, in Brussels, Belgium. Hundreds of people attended the event to discover this splendid book and get it signed by the artist.

The book is now for sale on CARTOON CALLED LIFE’s online store for the retail price of 29€ (taxes included, delivery costs excluded).

Please contact us for any media request.

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