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Juraj STRAKA is thrilled to announce the release of the second comic book of CARTOON CALLED LIFE, "BUNNY'S NEW ADVENTURES", on Sunday October 27th, two years after the first book.

Within a few years, Bunny has become a character in his own right within the LGBT community. While CARTOON CALLED LIFE's first book was released two years ago, the artist also showcased some of his paintings and artworks this Summer for three weeks during his first solo exhibition at the WM Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium.

Juraj Straka created the character of Bunny back in 2013 as a ‘private joke’, based on the nickname "Zajko" (which means "rabbit" in Slovak) which was given to him by his first boyfriend. Today, with more than 50,000 subscribers on Instagram and Facebook, CARTOON CALLED LIFE is a successful comic that captures the interest of a growing audience, gays of course, but also their friends and "allies".

CARTOON CALLED LIFE tells the story of Bunny, a single gay rabbit, obsessed with pizza and athletic bearded guys, and looking for his perfect boyfriend. The comic depicts in a cheerful way moments, thoughts and feelings that enlivens our daily lives. With his drawings, the artist approaches the current (gay) world and plays with daily routine, accepted ideas and certain flaws of our society. Bunny says out loud what we sometimes all think, but don’t dare to say. He is a funny and endearing, sarcastic and ironic, sometimes goofy or a little naughty, and ultimately very “human” character, that everybody can easily relate to.

His second book, “Bunny’s New Adventures”, brings the reader into Bunny’s universe. The book is divided into ten chapters, each one covering a key topic of Bunny’s life, such as “About Daddies”, “About Love”, “About Art” or “About Festivities”. You will dive with this book into Bunny’s unique world and discover what makes him so special.

Juraj Straka likes to draw about daily (gay) lives and transform common, boring or awkward situations into something funny. Since the character is based on the author’s nickname, many stories are inspired by his personal life or events he observes. He gives a lot of attention to details which results in an original and unique comic art book, mixing perfectly facts with humor, sarcasm, and constant cuteness.

“Bunny’s New Adventures” is a 288-page squared hardcover book, 17 x 17 cm, with over 200 illustrations, of which half are new, never published ones. The book is printed and bounded in Belgium and holds the ‘carbon neutral’ label. The book is also available with a unique limited-edition box set (limited edition of 200 copies).

"Bunny's New Adventures" will be released on Sunday October 27th, 2019.

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