Bunny has big news to share !

Cartoon Called Life is super excited to announce you that Bunny's second book, "BUNNY'S NEW ADVENTURES", will be published in October this year.

As for the first book, we choose to self-publish it to keep all our artistic freedom and propose a high-end quality product. It will be a hardcover book, 18 x 18 cm, about 250 pages, with more than 200 illustrations, of which about half are new, never published creations. The book will be printed in Belgium and its production process will be climate-friendly.

Self-publishing a book means taking care, on top of the content itself, of the editing and colour adjustments, the paperwork and legal requirements, the suppliers and production, as well as all marketing, logistic and distribution aspects. As you can easily imagine, this requires, from the outset, quite a lot of financial resources.

This is why, to make this happen, we need your kind support !

If you choose to support our project, you can choose one reward among the twelve great rewards proposed and you will get the book in October before it's in store. You can also choose to pledge the amount of your choice without any counterpart. Almost all products proposed in the rewards were designed exclusively for this Kickstarter campaign. Don't miss them out !

As some reward are limited, we would advise you not to wait too long. Surf now to our Kickstarter project page : http://bit.ly/CCLBNA

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