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Thank you for being part of our journey

Since 2013, Bunny has not only claimed his place on social media, but he’s also entered into our hearts and homes. We’ve smiled, laughed, reflected, and sometimes learned.

In 2017, we joined forces with Laurent to bring Bunny's adventures to life with a first Cartoon Called Life book. Since then, we’ve published three more books and created hundreds of original products. Cartoon Called Life has also produced 9 art exhibitions in 5 cities and 4 countries. It’s been an incredible journey!!

We passionately devoted our evenings, weekends, and vacations to Bunny, despite

sleepless nights due to big deadlines and a daily obsession to keep our fans and followers happy. Looking back today, we can say that we are proud of everything we've achieved. It’s been a wonderful journey of laughs, challenges, and great encounters.

Today, it’s with heartfelt regret that we are closing this great chapter.

All these years, our only compass has been to offer our bunny tribe fun times and unique quality products. Our social media will remain active, with new cartoons from time-to-time, but the closure of our store and e-shop is imminent. So, if you’d like to buy something from Bunny, now’s the time! Go to

We’d like to thank our fans, loyal customers, and amazing community members who’ve supported us since the beginning, giving us the pride, confidence, and courage to continue.

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