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Discover this unique set of 10 BUNNY PARTY CUPS ! Whether it's for you or as a gift, the "Bunny Party Cups" are the perfect glasses for any party. 


The "Bunny Party Cups" are suitable for the dishwasher, produced from solid recyclable plastic, and made in France. Each cup can contain up to 40cl (13,5 fl oz). The set contains 2 pieces of each colour, and 10 pieces in total. The five colours are red, yellow, light blue, black and translucid. 


These cups will be a perfect ice-breaker for your parties and barbecues, or just something great to brighten up your daily life.


24,50 €Price
  • Set of 10 BUNNY PARTY CUPS. Cup can contain 40cl. Cups are made of solid recyclable plastic. The set contains 2 cups of each of the 5 colors (red, blue, yellow, black and translucid).