This special edition of "Bunny's New Adventures" comes with a 200-copy limited edition box design by the artist Juraj Straka. 


BUNNY'S NEW ADVENTURES is a comic book, written and illustrated by Juraj Straka. Discover the new adventures of a cute single bunny, obsessed with pizza and athletic bearded men.


Depicting in a cheerful way moments, thoughts and feelings that enlivens our daily lives, the book brings you in the life of Bunny, a funny and endearing, sarcastic and ironic, a little goofy and sometimes naughty, and ultimately very “human” character, that everybody can easily relate to.


BUNNY'S NEW ADVENTURES brings us into Bunny's universe, in 10 different chapters, such as "About Love", "About Art" or "About Daddies", including Bunny's unique "Dick-tionary" in the chapter "About Reading".


BUNNY'S NEW ADVENTURES is a 288-page hardcover book with over 200 cartoons in full colors, of which over half are new, never published creations. The book is printed in Belgium on high quality shiny paper and is certified 'carbon neutral'.


49,50 €Price
  • title : BUNNY'S NEW ADVENTURES with limited edition collector box
    author : Juraj Straka 
    ISBN : 
    book type : hardcover 
    number of pages : 288 in full color
    product dimensions : 17 x 17 cm / 6,7 x 6,7 inches
    language : English 
    category : fiction
    genre : humor, cartoons, comics
    publisher : Cartoon Called Life SPRL, October 2019
    origin : printed and bound in Belgium 

    Price includes tax when applicable.

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