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The Kick Edition, a limited edition of Cartoon Called Life, The Book

CARTOON CALLED LIFE announces the release on Friday of The Kick Edition, a 200-copy limited edition of Cartoon Called Life, The Book, with an exclusive black & gold collector case.

The Kick Edition was designed in the framework of the crowdfunding campaign, to self-publish the first book of Cartoon Called Life. In this unique edition, the book comes along with a beautiful black & gold collector case designed by the artist Juraj Straka. Only 200 copies were made of this unique collector case. Don't wait to get yours !

CARTOON CALLED LIFE is a comic about a single bunny, obsessed with athletic bearded guys, and looking for his perfect boyfriend. It depicts in a cheerful way moments, thoughts and feelings that enlivens our daily lives. Bunny is a funny and endearing, sarcastic and ironic, a little goofy, yet ultimately very “human” character, that everybody can easily relate to.

With Christmas approaching, whether it's the original book or its limited edition, CARTOON CALLED LIFE is the ultimate gift to offer to a friend, or just as a great gift for yourself, with a 100% smile guarantee.

The Kick Edition, which includes the book and its exclusive black and gold collector case, is available in our online store for the retail price of 49€ (taxes included, shipping fees excluded).

Don't wait it's out of stock. Pre-order your copy as from Tuesday November 21st.

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