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Beyond the comic, the artist

CARTOON CALLED LIFE's adventure begins a few years ago as an antidote to the stress of the fashion industry. Juraj Straka starts to create a comic featuring a little rabbit named “Bunny”. His alter-ego. It's a 'Cartoon Called Life'.

But more than just a cartoonist, Juraj Straka is a multidisciplinary artist. Fabric designer in the fashion industry, he also creates cartoons, designs products and makes expressive and colorful paintings.

The aim of all Straka's art is to catch the spectator's eyes and stimulate a positive feeling in his mind, either evoked by a bright color spectrum, a variety of shapes, a movement, or by a smiling face of Bunny. In most pieces we can find repeating attributes of Bunny’s world: Bunny's ears, pizza, coffee mugs, stars, icosahedrons, and last but not least, “beardiful” men.

Straka had his first solo exhibition last year, in August 2019 at WM Gallery in Antwerp (Belgium). It was an unexpected but well-deserved success. A second solo exhibition followed a few months later in Paris (France), at the gallery Alfalibra. And a third solo exhibition took place in May at WM Gallery.

Other projects were in the pipeline this year but we had to stop them due to the pandemic. As we cannot currently plan an exhibition in an art gallery, we have decided to go where our public is and put some of Juraj Straka's artworks in a "virtual art gallery" on our website.

Watch the short video hereunder of the exhibition "Bunny in Paris", take a look at some of Juraj Straka's artworks and visit our virtual art gallery for more.

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