A unique art installation celebrating diversity within diversity

Artwork 'LOVE' by Juraj STRAKA, 2020.

The artwork 'LOVE' has been created by Juraj Straka for the exhibition "GAYVID-19" at WM GALLERY in Antwerp (Belgium), celebrating the local gay pride.

This artwork is a unique art installation composed of multiple artworks representing the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Each artwork winks at a different pride flag, such as the bear flag, bisexual flag, transgender flag, rainbow flag, etc.

When you look at this colorful art installation, you have to see the beauty of diversity, how amazing all of them look together despite their differences, and at the end, why Love, rather than fear or hate, should always prevail.

8 of those unique artworks are now exhibited in our virtual art gallery at cartooncalledlife.com.

Each piece is a unique original, hand screen-printed on high quality Canson paper, signed by the artist and numbered 1/1. Size : 32 x 32 cm.

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