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A few more days to pre-order your copy of "Bunny"s Cookbook", the new book of Cartoon Called Life, created in collaboration with the chef and food designer, Alexander Sebregts. Be among the firsts to get this beautiful hardcover book of 324 pages at home. Pre-order your copy now !

For this third book, the artist, designer, and comic author Juraj Straka has decided to explore new horizons to offer something unique to Cartoon Called Life fans and the public. To do that, he teamed up with the Antwerp chef and food designer Alexander Sebregts. They worked together for months to create a unique cookbook, mixing delicious and original recipes with the funny, cute, and sometimes naughty humour of Cartoon Called Life.

Bunny's Cookbook is a beautiful, 324-page, full-colour, square-bound, 18 x 18 cm, hardcover book. The book, available in English, features 21 menus covering almost every occasion of the year, with over 110 recipes, and over a hundred drawings and illustrations. Whether it's for a picnic or a date, a gay brunch or a cheat meal, Christmas or the Gay Pride, there is a menu for every occasion and recipes for all tastes.

The book is printed in Belgium by the Van Der Poorten printing house in Leuven, and its production process is certified "100% carbon neutral".


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