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Bunny's 6th Birthday !

6 years ago, I drew Bunny for the first time. What started as a private joke became step by step bigger. In 2014 Bunny made his first steps on Instagram. It was a way to share my cartoons more easily with my friends. But I quickly started to receive great feedback from people I didn't know, which was really encouraging. As it is a side-activity, my time for Bunny has always been limited. But early 2017, with a friend, I decided to self-publish the first book of Cartoon Called Life, which was released on October 15th, 2017. It was an amazing feeling and a great personal achievement !

Since then, Bunny's community never stopped growing. Cartoon Called Life counts today more than 28.000 followers on Instagram and recently reached 10.000 likes on Facebook ! Bunny is the partner of Antwerp Pride, has collaborated a few times with Les Après-Midis Croque-Monsieur in Brussels, and has released, among other things, some unique limited art prints, a series of canvas prints and a first apparel collection.

And 2019 will also be full of surprises !

To thank you for your amazing support all those years, whether you're a long-time follower or Bunny's newbie, we have prepared some great rebates in Cartoon Called Life online store to celebrate it!

Thank you for following Cartoon Called Life and giving so much love to Bunny. Bunny hopes to make you smile and laugh even more in 2019 !

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