Are you one of Bunny's fans ? This is definitely for you !

Bunny has released a special "Bunny's Fan Signature Package" at a very attractive price.

Choose among all canvas prints available in our e-shop your favorite one (40 x 40 cm), and the artist will signed it for you in the back !

On top of the signed canvas print, the package includes one tank-top ("It's Beardiful", 21€), one duo set of pins ("Bunny" and "Beardiful", 16€), one set of 6 different cartoon magnets to put on your fridge (Magnets Foodie Set, 15€), one set of 9 different illustrated postcards to send to your friends (Set of Postcards, 14€) and one set of 40 unique stickers inspired by the universe of Cartoon Called Life (Set of Stickers, 15€). All this, for a special price of 90€ instead of 120€, with the signature of the artist being priceless.

Only a very limited number of packages are available. It's now time to switch to Cartoon Called Life's e-shop to get one of them !

Practical information: while ordering, you need to specify in the comment section which canvas print you have chosen and which tank-top size you want in the specific section (advise: small fit, take a size up). Sizes available range from small to extra-large.

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