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"We have all been greatly touched by the information and images reaching us from Ukraine since the Russian offensive. The requests for aid are numerous, as are the manifestations of solidarity coming from many places. 

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army will create one of the largest humanitarian crises seen in recent years. According to the United Nations, almost three million Ukrainians are already in need of emergency aid, half of whom are children or the elderly.

In order to provide urgent humanitarian aid to victims of the crisis in Ukraine and in the bordering countries, members of the 12-12 Consortium (Caritas International, Médecins du Monde, Handicap International, Oxfam Belgium, Plan International Belgique, the Belgian Red Cross and UNICEF Belgium) have launched the ‘Ukraine 12-12’ appeal. 

The King Baudouin Foundation is also playing its part and contributing support in a complementary manner to the 12-12 Consortium and with a more long-term perspective. This is why the Foundation is making its philanthropic infrastructure, expertise and network available to philanthropists (private citizens, businesses and organisation) who wish to help.

The Foundation has therefore created two donors circles which are now open for donations:

  • Help People in Ukraine’ aims to collect donations that will benefit three local not-for-profit organisations: Caritas Ukraine, People in Need and the Ukrainian Red Cross. These organisations provide food, shelter and medical assistance to vulnerable people and communities across Ukraine.

  • Help Ukrainians in Belgium’ is fundraising for donations to support the care and integration of Ukrainian refugees who arrive in Belgium and stay here."

Cartoon Called Life has decided to support the initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation (the largest philanthropy foundation in Belgium) ‘Help People in Ukraine’ by making a donation of the total amount collected with the selling of the 8 art prints "peace & love" (2.185 euros excl. VAT). All costs related to the artworks (the making,  frame, packaging and shipping fees) are born by Cartoon Called Life. We want to express a special thank you to the 8 persons who have supported our initiative and to every person who is supporting the people of Ukraine in their own way. 

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